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Hornady V-MAX 17 hmr ammo 17GR 50Rds



Drive a tack at 200 yards with Hornady Hunting, 17 hmr ammo, 17 Grain, V-Max ammo. Featuring Hornady`s polymer tip projectile this rimfire provides explosive performance.


Hornady 17 HMR 17 Grain Features:


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17 HMR ammo, also known as Hornady Magnum Rimfire ammo, is the rimfire cartridge created by Littleman Mitchell in 2002. The design of the 17 HMR ammo is based on the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire or .22 WMR. The cartridge design was influenced by a need for flat trajectory and ballistics. Also, it matches the 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum ─ the largest rimfire cartridge ever produced. 17 HMR ammo boasts a velocity of around 2,500 feet per second, with an energy of 245 foot-pounds. As per its designs, it shoots flat. As far as the bullet is considered, it features a .172 inch bullet diameter that weighs 1.1 or 1.3 grains, depending on the type. Armory Anchor is the right bet if you’re looking for the full 17 HMR ammo. We are dedicated to providing premium firearms, hunting, and shooting accessories as an online store.

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Key Specifications winchester super x 17 HMR Ammo,

Item Number: 187127
Mfg. Number: X17HMR1
UPC: 020892102521
Caliber: .17 HMR
Bullet Weight: 20 grain
Bullet Style: JHP
Muzzle Velocity: 2,375 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 250 ft.-lbs.
Case Type: Brass
Corrosive: No
Rounds: 50

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Key Specifications

Item Number: 80625

Mfg. Number: 83170/AK

UPC: 090255831702

Caliber: .17 HMR

Bullet Weight: 17 grain

Bullet Style: V-MAX

Muzzle Velocity: 2,550 FPS

Muzzle Energy: 245 ft.-lbs.

Case Type: Brass

Primer Type: Rimfire, non-reloadable

Corrosive: No

Rounds: 500

Item #83170 | 50/Box

From prairie dogs to coyote and fox, the Hornady® Rimfire line of ammunition offers varmint hunters high-speed rimfire cartridges. Loaded with either the V-MAX® or NTX® bullet, these loads deliver tack-driving accuracy and dramatic expansion on impact.

  • HARD-HITTING V-MAX® TECHNOLOGY :The polymer tip of a V-MAX® bullet delivers more than tack-driving accuracy at long range — it also creates dramatic expansion on impact.
  • HONEST 200-YARD PERFORMANCE: The flat trajectory delivered by the 17 HMR® makes it the most accurate long-range rimfire ever made.
  • SELECT BRASS: The uniformity of the Hornady® 17 HMR® case is equaled only by ultra-expensive match ammo, and case geometry helps provide this new cartridge’s unequaled performance!

The powerful new propellants available today make the 17 HMR® the most accurate, hardest-hitting rimfire cartridge available.

Hornady 17 HMR 17 Grain Specifications:

  • Cartridge 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)
  • Grain Weight 17 Grains
  • Muzzle Velocity 2550 Feet Per Second
  • Muzzle Energy 245 Foot Pounds
  • Bullet Style Polymer Tip
  • Bullet Brand And Model Hornady V-Max
  • Lead Free No
  • Test Barrel Length 24 Inches
  • Velocity Rating Supersonic
Barrel Length N/A
Caliber .17 HMR
Capacity 50
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Brass
Manufacturer Part Number 83170
Model V-Max
Type Rifle Ammo
UPC 090255831702

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