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Cheap .380 Brass Now Availability In Stock



380 ACP, this cartridge was designed for use in small framed automatic pistols. 9mm Kurz Brass / 9x17mm Brass / .380 ACP Brass. Status: Available Now.


Product overview of the 380 brass

Though the .380 Brass auto round, or .380 ACP, is often thought of being too small for self-defense, it has earned its place in history. At roughly the same time he was designing the .45 round, John Browning also created the .380 auto round. Colt first introduced the round in 1908 as a low-recoil alternative to be used in early blowback pistols. Because of the low recoil, the slide and recoil spring take the brunt of the force when shot.

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380 Brass

The .380 Brass has seen its share of war-time usage, especially by the Germans and Italians. In fact, it is storied to be the round used to start World War 1, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, along with his wife. In the early portion of the 20 thcentury, the .380 was extremely popular among military and law enforcement organizations around the world.div>

However, as the 9mm popularity began to spread, many departments switched from using the .380 as their primary weapon to using it as a secondary, or concealed, backup. In fact, most believe the reason it is still popular today is because of the easy at which you can conceal the gun, due to their small size. On a side note, when “Defense Distributed” 3-d printed a firearm for the “Wiki Weapon” project, the .380 was the caliber of choice.


Each box contains 250+ fully processed once fired brass shell casings. This is fully processed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. Casings have been deprimed, resized, and polished.This brass contains different manufacturer’s headstamps. It is recommended that all brass be inspected, prior to being reloaded and fired

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