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Savage Axis Magazine .308 Win / .243 Win / 7mm-08 Rem / 6.5 Creedmoor / .260 Rem / .338 Fed 4-Rounds


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The Savage Axis magazine is a genuine OEM replacement part for Savage Axis and Hunter model rifles. It will hold up to 4 rounds in a durable steel body. Stock up with flat-rate shipping today from us!


Savage Axis Magazine Features

Savage Arms, a manufacturer that has been around for over 120 years, has supplied the U.S. military and civilians with some of the greatest value rifles available.

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Their rich history begins in 1894, when they released the first hammerless lever-action rifle, which they continued making until 1998.

Later, Savage manufactured Lewis machine guns for service in World War I and the vast majority of Thompson submachine guns used in WWII.

Savage Arms’ bolt-action rifles with Accu-Trigger are popular among shooters due to their affordability and high quality. They’ve made a name for themselves as one of the most prominent manufacturers of sporting arms in the world.

Producing high-quality American firearms at affordable prices, they have won praise for their 93R17 BTVS (named “Best New Rifle” and “Best of the Best” by multiple shooting magazines in 2007), as well as their bolt-action Model 11 and 111 rifles and AR-15-style MSR Series rifles in 5.56x45mm/.223 Remington.

More recently, Savage has partnered with Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) to create the Savage Ashbury Precision and the Savage Stealth 10 BA, two rifles known for their ability to accurately and consistently engage targets at extreme distances using cartridges like the 6.5mm Creedmoor and.308.

Savage continually invents and improves upon current concepts, making their products more accurate, reliable, and affordable than those of most of its rivals. They stand behind the quality and durability of their products by providing a one-year limited guarantee on every single one.

No gimmicks, no nonsense, just high-performance rifles at rock-bottom prices. It’s called Savage Arms, and it’s really brutal.

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Savage Axis Magazine  243 Win/7MM-08 Rem/6.5 Creedmoor/260 Rem/308 Win/338 Fed, 4rd magazine for the Savage AXIS, AXIS Stainless, 11 LightWeight Hunter, 11 Trophy Hunter XP, 10 Trophy Hunter XP, 11 Lady Hunter, 11 Hunter XP, 16 Trophy Hunter XP, 110 Engage Hunter XP, 11 DOA Hunter XP, 110 APEX XP, 110 and 110 Hog Hunter.

Savage Axis Magazine Specifications

  • Caliber: 260 Rem
  • Model: Axis, Hunter
  • Finish: Matte Blue
  • Action: Short
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 4rd
  • Style: Detachable
  • Brand Fit: Savage
  • Model Fit: Axis, 10,110,11,16

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